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Applying to college can be overwhelming.

Let us help you navigate the process!

We often hear, “It was so different when I went to college.”  That is True!  Most parents of our students applied to a few schools, California students could easily get into UC schools; a 3.5 could gain admittance to UCLA!  

The  journey is much more involved now.  Students typically apply to 8-12 colleges and write 10-15 essays. This is quite an undertaking, even for a highly motivated student.

This process can be stressful. We break it down into manageable steps, helping students stay on track with important action items and deadlines, and keep parents notified along the way.  Our key service for parents is keeping them involved and the ability to “hover” from a distance.   

Our mission is to help students find the best match: a college where they will grow, thrive, and succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Regardless of GPA and other criteria, with well over 2,400 four-year colleges in the country, there is a great match for your child out there – we help him/her find it!

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We offer a complimentary consultation, which allows families to learn more about our services, and introduces us to your student’s academic and extracurricular profile.

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