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As owners/directors of Tutoring Club of Newport/Mesa, Peter and Cindy have been educating students since 2002.   This experience has helped them understand the different types of students (high achieving, unmotivated, hard-working) and how to advise based on their individual personalities and learning styles.  The desire to continue to work with and assist high school students all the way through to college admissions inspired Cindy to earn her certificate for College Admissions Counseling from UCLA. 

Every student has a story and Peter and Cindy love to help them tell it! Developing this personal narrative is an art, as is weaving it into a college application.  They help students of all academic levels, whether they have a 2.5 or 4.5 GPA, find a school that fits their academic, social and financial needs.

Peter and Cindy tour numerous colleges and universities annually to learn unique attributes and personally experience the culture and vibe that they then share with their students.  They often can “see” one of their students on a certain campus and can’t wait to share the school’s offerings with them.  They are passionate about discovering the best college fit for each and every student.

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“The Jacksons are our heroes! It was truly a pleasure and RELIEF to work with such professional, organized, and informed business owners. Peter and Cindy quickly gained our son’s trust and helped him get clear on what he wanted. Their ability to communicate well and often with a busy 17-year-old was so impressive. Our son is now having the time of his life as a freshman at a large, well-respected university, and we owe it all to the Jacksons!”

“Our family worked with Peter and Cindy during the unnerving process of college admissions. The Jacksons were so easy to work with. They were very knowledgeable about colleges and introduced many schools that were not on my son’s radar. The care they took to ensure all of our questions were answered and deadlines were met was amazing. We look forward to using them again soon for our daughter.”

“Our son and daughter wouldn’t have found their dream colleges without Peter and Cindy’s guidance! The due diligence and energy they put towards students helps guide them through the college selection process. They match students’ academics, interests, and passions to find the perfect college fit!”